Florida Fire & Life Safety is the only Florida based company accredited to do relabeling of fire doors, fire door frames, and fire rated exit devices. Other companies advertising this service in Florida are either from out of state or subcontracting the work to an accredited company. If you have labels that are missing or no longer legible, we can help you. Our field relabeling service is an affordable way to get your doors in compliance without having to replace your doors.

The field relabeling is governed by the FFPC ( and states that field relabeling shall be performed only by individuals or companies that have been certified or listed, or by individuals or companies that are representatives of a labeling service that maintains periodic inspections of production of labeled equipment or materials and by whose labeling and manufacturer indicates compliance with appropriate standards of performance in a specified manner. Florida Fire & Life Safety is fully 17020 accredited in Field relabeling.

The Florida Fire Prevention Code requires that labels are clearly visible and legible (

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